Monday, October 11, 2010

Love Over Gold vandalised

Yesterday afternoon just after 3pm I took a walk down Creekside on my way to Chestnut Walk in Greenwich Park via Harmony Way, and came across Cockpit Arts furniture designer Matthew Nicholls, frantically attempting to remove some white paint (with a strange lemony aroma) from the Love Over Gold mural. Matt said he had only just arrived half an hour earlier to see that some vandal had thrown a load of paint at the wall. It was still wet so Matt had set to work immediately to remove it. He had cleaned off quite a bit by the time I arrived...Well done, Matt, for saving our much loved mural (which has survived a few attempts over the years to destroy it).

Matt would like to know if anyone in Farrer or Finch saw the person or people who did this – if you saw anything, please get in touch with

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