Friday, October 22, 2010

A couple of things to watch out for

I'm not sure whether they're graffiti or transfers but there are a couple of wall paintings to look out for on your Crossfields travels.

This one is under one of the arches on the Ha'penny Hatch.  It appears that one leg has already been torn off but this is what remained yesterday (21 Oct 21010).  On first reading I thought it was a reference to ''UNCLE SAM'' but, on a closer reading it actually says ''UNCLE SON.'' 

And on Creekside, looking up towards the Birds Nest there's this one, signed by ''BIGOTHER''

And just behind where a spot of ''race you back from the pub'' driving has resulted in a still-unrepaired hole in the wall on Church Street, there's a piece of unexpected improvised sculpture giving a new twist to the meaning of the artist's pallet...

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  1. Lovely. Great to see odd bits of art in the area to brighten up your day.