Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Deptford on the up

The Deptford Dame has posted about the poorly publicised consultation that occurred on Saturday (and the previous Wednesday) at The Albany, regarding the refurbishment of Douglas Way and surrounding market area – which she notes, is a pretty bleak area to walk through when the market isn't on.

She also notes that the improvement due to start in January 2011 are part of the North Lewisham Links project which is also due to go through our estate (and which galvanised John Rhodes into setting up crossfields.greenspaces.org) and are not related, funding-wise, to any improvements planned for the High Street...

The Dame attended on Saturday, and seems reasonably happy with what she heard. The consultants must've brushed up their act since Wednesday, when Guru Red went to a poorly attended meeting to find out what it was all about. She was joined by a couple of residents from the housing opposite The Albany, and a couple of street traders. They were told about ideas to move the market pitches:

- in the alley leading to the square, pitches would be moved to the centre, creating a wider path either side for access to the shops either side. The traders didn't like that.

- opposite The Albany, the pitches that line the south of the path would be moved to the side walls of the housing. The residents didn't like that. They already tolerate an inordinate amount of disturbance three days a week that makes their little houses shake. They were appalled by the idea of benches outside their homes that would more than likely become occupied by street drinkers.

The traders were also not pleased to hear that the storage space for their barrows was likely to be moved again since the new parking space (behind the Albany presently, but only just recently moved from the 'Deptford Project' yard) is privately owned and about to be developed. They also took the chance to complain about the new parking arrangements for visitors that has seen a large and significant drop off in trade.

Red Guru could hardly get a word in edgeways, but it occurred to her that it was a bit bloody late to be asking those immediately affected by the new plans for their opinions or ideas. Perhaps the Albany management had some input into the consultation at some point. The Dame commented that this consultation seems to be about what colour paving stones to have, and must have her tongue in her cheek when she says it would appear the 'start date of January 2011 is achievable'.

Personally, I'd go for some trees, mend and clean the paving that's already there, and IF IT AIN'T BROKE, DON'T FIX IT...Anything that needs any maintenance will almost certainly NOT BE MAINTAINED (Giffin Square is a prime example)...As usual, these things come round every ten years or so – we get new stuff built with some pocket of new funding, instead of proper and continued maintenance of what is already in place.

For a limited glimpse into the subject see the council's website here.
See the Deptford Dame's post here.

Meanwhile, didn't someone say (Joan?) that building on the new Deptford station would start in October? And what are the plans for the high street?

Postscript: I realise I have forgotten that pitches will need to be rearranged to accommodate a CYCLE PATH...one would imagine that this would be best situated running down the residential side...

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