Saturday, October 23, 2010

Crossfields Green Spaces

Apologies for late great news from 12 Oct...

Crossfields Greenspaces (CGS) have recently heard that they have been awarded the money by Lewisham Homes to go ahead with their Window Box Project (for which John put a bid together rather quickly after he heard about the Community Improvement Competitive Grant in the middle of August and which we posted about late here when there was only a week to go). John's idea was for a window box growing kit for all residents that would include some compost, some seeds, a watering can, some instructions and promises of help...

All will be discussed at the next CGS (Crossfields Green Spaces) Meeting so put this in your diary before Xmas takes over if you're interested in making things grow....

NEXT MEETING for Crossfields Greenspaces:
Monday 8th December November

The Pink Palace,
 Frankham Street
More info:

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  1. Brilliant idea, I wish I'd had the time to put forward something similar for my block over here in Evelyn. We all have balcony space but very few people use them - and I'm sure more people would if they had access to the resources. Maybe next year...!