Wednesday, April 10, 2013

New bike racks for the estate

Towards the end of March, a couple of residents volunteered an hour of their time to walk around the estate with Peter Stunell, Transport Policy Officer at Lewisham Council, and Faye Martin, our new Tenancy Officer (standing in for Kerrie Taylor who is on maternity leave).

Transport for London gave Lewisham Council some money to install bike racks around the borough this year, and as the tax year drew to a close, there was still some money left to spend, or some bike racks still to place. Crossfields was considered as one of the areas that might benefit.

Although bike owners living on the upper floors on the estate would rather not leave their bikes in insecure locations at ground level, it was felt that more racks would be useful for visitors, or as temporary lock-ups. Around 45 locations around the estate were identified where there was space to install the new racks. Installation is scheduled to happen in May.

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