Thursday, April 18, 2013

Ha'Penny Hatch tidy up

Back on 11th March, we reported the litter that had been building up on the grass verges either side of the Ha'Penny Hatch bridge. It wasn't easy since both borough's (Lewisham and Greenwich) online reporting tools would not recognise the existence of the Ha'Penny Hatch. The bridge does not have a postcode and the path does not have a name.

However we sent photos and awaited acknowledgement. Greenwich responded on 22nd March saying our report had been passed to their Cleansweep service for action.

We didn't hear from Lewisham until we sent the report again on 12th April, using a more direct method. At first, Lewisham's Clean Streets team had no idea where the Ha'Penny Hatch was nor whether it was their responsibility, but the litter was then cleared the same day.

But although Greenwich (who are responsible for the maintenance and operation of the bridge itself) had been the first to respond, they still haven't cleared the path on their side of the Creek.

As for the homeless people who have been sleeping in the spaces under the bridge on the Greenwich side, well that's another story...

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