Friday, April 26, 2013

Council try before you buy bikes.

There was a bit of a surprise in the Crosswhatfields? inbox yesterday.  It came from the council and it was about bikes!

Yes, it's a bike but it's not for sale!  Wave if you see it....

Anyhow, their ''sustainable transport'' people have a number of bikes of varying sizes and descriptions that people can borrow (though there is a £10 pound charge) for a month and then anyone tempted has the option of buying it at a reduced price or simply returning it.  With the bike comes a lock, helmet and a hi-visibility vest, and you can also get arrange for lights and child seats to be provided.  Here is what they say:

Cycle loan scheme
For those keen to take up or do more cycling but are unsure if it is for them, they could try the cycle loan scheme. Anyone who lives, works or studies in Lewisham  can borrow a bike for one month for £10 and use it for any/all their journeys. They will also be given a helmet, high-viz vest and lock and at the end of the month, they can either buy the bike at a reduced cost or return it.
Full details here:

Their link also gives details about free lessons to get you back on the road or if you're a complete beginner, and if you're interested in learning a bit about bike maintenance there are subsidised  one-day courses available from CycleTrainingUK for £10, and links to free maps.  (Very well worth it - I've done one and it was excellent.)

For the more involved cyclist, Lewisham is also participating in a European cycling challenge for the month of May.  Log your rides to make Lewisham a cyclier place.  And if you're not a regular cyclist but feel a bit more exercise and fresh air might do you good, taking part in this is a great incentive - it might just get you back into being a regular cyclist....

During May there is also the European Cycling Challenge
Cyclists from all over the borough are being encouraged to register for the Challenge. They will  track their cycling for one month (May) using the web or their smartphone and the area or city that has the most mileage is the European winner!
There is also  the chance to win prizes at a local level for the cyclist who has done the most cycling for fun, for work or for journeys such as shopping, to and from school etc.
Full details and how to register here:

And, while I'm on about bikes, Lewisham Cyclists, a part of LCC (London Cycling Campaign) organise a fair number of led rides.  For example, there's a 25 mile ride around SE London's parks tomorrow, there are longer jaunts out into Kent as well as beginner-and-children friendly flat riverside rides.

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