Saturday, July 14, 2012

HMS Ocean back in town + missiles on Blackheath

Ian Visits (his pic above) reported earlier in the week that HMS Ocean is back in dock at Greenwich. When it was here in May, Greenwich residents were invited on board for a look around. On Sunday 15th it will be open to all between 10am and 3pm. Muster point is the Old Royal Naval College grounds, where there will be a bag search before the public can board a boat transfer to the aircraft carrier.

Meanwhile, the Blackheath Bugle has posted an MOD information leaflet about the missiles that are to be sited now installed on Blackheath. It has more detail than previously circulated, including some FAQs. For instance: Is there a risk of the missiles exploding accidentally whilst on site? Where would an aircraft fall if it was hit by a missile fired from Blackheath?
Download the leaflet here.

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