Monday, July 2, 2012

Coming up: DEPTFORD

Just watched the first film in the seventh series of Coming Up, Channel 4's "talent scheme where new writers and directors have the opportunity to make an original film with guaranteed network broadcast".

The film was called NEW CROSS. However, Deptford film location fans will have spotted that most of the scenes were shot in Deptford rather than New Cross – except the pub scenes (possibly The Amersham Arms?). So why not call it DEPTFORD?

Inside Faircharm looking out at Holden House

Albury Street

Just off Albury Street

Ah! New Cross underpass, the one scene set in SE14

Ha'Penny Hatch footpath again...

The cast includes that bloke from Being Human, Russell Tovey (who always looks so bloody sad), plus Alice Sanders, Georgia Brown, Alex Lanipekun and Jordan Long. The director is David Stoddart and the writer is Laura Neal. More about them here.

Maybe we're being a little pedantic about the locations, and it's perhaps just as well the title of the piece wasn't changed to more accurately describe where the film was mostly shot, since the central character gets randomly mugged beaten up in the New Cross underpass (not in Deptford, in other words).

Watch again on 4OD.


  1. barry buckinghamTuesday, July 03, 2012

    Tovey and that bloke from Being Human are the same bloke. Also, not sure he gets mugged, isn't it that his former mates beat him up?

  2. Thanks Barry for pointing out ghastly error!

  3. you was too busy location hunting

    two scenes before the beating in the pub he was called a peedo,it was a revenge attack not a mugging

    so maybe if you watch the short film and understand what your seeing then maybe you might get whats happening

    the coming up team worked hard on this short film,so pretty good for new talent

    jay kirk the villian who beat russel tovey up / Carl

  4. You're absolutely right, Jay! Too busy location hunting! Sorry!