Friday, July 20, 2012

Deptford Torch Weekender

Lewisham Council is inevitably making a big deal of the Torch Relay this weekend, with events planned in Giffin Square, The Albany Cafe, Deptford Lounge and Wavelengths from 10am -3pm on Saturday. Much of it is kids-orientated, with pop-up performances, entertainment and taster swimming lessons. There's more on Sunday in Wavelengths only.

On Monday 23rd, there's stuff planned from 6am-12noon, even though the 'Olympic Flame' will have come and gone before 8am. See the route here or pick up a leaflet at Wavelengths or the Lounge. Those up early enough will be able to watch Doreen Lawrence carry the torch. The relay begins at the Laban Centre in Creekside, starting at approximately 7.30am and arriving at The Stephen Lawrence Centre on Brookmill Road at around 7.49am, passing via Creek Road, the high street, Giffin Street and past Crossfields on Church Street at about 7.40am.

There will be road closures all around the area till midday on Monday, starting from this evening when the top part of Creekside will be closed all weekend.

The Stephen Lawrence Centre will also be hosting a Family Fun Day from noon-4pm on Monday, (during which time the torch will have been through Bromley, Croydon and Sutton and arrived at Merton, as part of Day 66 (?) of the relay).

UPDATE: Thanks to a comment from Anonymous (below) we have made a correction to the printed information in leaflets available in local venues: Giffin Square has replaced 'Albany Square' as the venue for much of the entertainment planned. Unfortunately we could not find any details on Lewisham's website to refer readers to.


  1. I see there are tours of Wavelengths – time for alternative olympic sport Spot the Cockroach?

  2. The events planned for Albany Sqaure on Monday are being moved to Giffin Sq. There are a lot of people who are incredibly proud that the torch is coming through Deptford and by the Stephen Lawrence centre so why not celebrate it? To some it is a very 'big deal'...and at least the late-risers will still get a chance to celebrate.

  3. Thanks anon, will amend details.

  4. I see they've finally given us bits of Giffen Square back to the public after leaving it fenced off for 6 months. It must be the shortage of labour that's caused such a long delay....

  5. 'Incredibly proud' Anon? I must say it is great to hear Doreen Lawrence is running the first lap on Day 65, and for that we can be 'incredibly proud' – finally getting justice after how many years? all through her own efforts, and no thanks to the many people who hold the power to change things. Without Doreen, the torch relay would leave many Deptford people cold, and, without aportioning blame in any particular area, there is very little to be proud of or celebrate.

  6. Torch coming to Greenwich this morning! Entertainment doesn't last much longer than a couple of hours (except for Woolwich, natch, goes on for 4 hours after torch gone) and rolling road closures 15 minutes either side of torch arrival apparently, not all bloody weekend. Maybe will be different in reality.