Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Tescos to serve cheap draught beer instore

Or as the leaflet they distributed around the estate last week says: ''Even more from your local store.''

This local initiative has been little publicised but, perhaps stung into action by Sainsburys opening a store opposite the Tesco Express in Deptford, Creek Road, they've opened another one in Greenwich and supplied a map to help us find it. And this map tells us where you'll find them: in the Wetherspoons pub, The Gate Clock, Greenwich.

Alternatively, they may not know where they are and might still be found in Deptford SE8, as their alternative address on the leaflet indicates. In which case, Tesco really haven't managed to raise their game since they circulated the same incorrect map when they first opened.

Which makes you think that maybe they need some imaginative local thinking. Like, well, they could open branches in pubs. Just don't ask for directions home.


  1. No doubt Tesco asked an Estate Agent where it was.

    1. Ha ha!

      Anyway, I took one of the £3 off vouchers to Tescos yesterday and showed the cashier how they'd got the wrong location on the map. Once she had found Creek Road on it she decided that the map was fine, using 'this is Creek Road and we're on Creek Road' kind of logic. The fact that Tescos was marked out of sight and half a mile away didn't appear to concern her.

      Tesco employees, it seems, don't do maps either.

  2. Marmoset, they also LIED about the times they're open. Certainly not open till 11pm. Always closed at 10pm, still do. Fortunately, Sainos just across the road.