Friday, June 1, 2012

Filming tonight on Deptford High Street

As the market cleared up this evening, a film crew was preparing for a shoot in the high street. The old Halifax shutters were covered with a new hoarding, and the high street drinkers were joshing with the security guys guarding the equipment in a van parked up by Paddy Power, where a cherry picker carrying floodlights promises to light up the street later on.

High street traders and residents have been told filming will take place from 9pm tonight till 9am tomorrow and that it's an advert for H&M. The process involves a huge number of vans and people (most of whom are camped out in the old Tidemill carpark with an equal number of security guards) and this is likely to result in less than 5 seconds of film!


  1. Saw all that earlier and couldn't believe how much money was being spent not even on a film but a bloody advert. Is Lewisham Council getting money from it and is it going to be spent on the high street and I don't mean flower baskets.

  2. Obscene use of money but fun to see the transformation. Shame high street too shit for H&M to take over empty Peacocks. After all H&M aren't much better though their advertising budget obviously is. No doubt some people would whinge about "corporate takeover of independent shops" if H&M ever considered DHS. What recession eh? Bizarre contrast.