Thursday, June 21, 2012

New Deptford cafe opens in Resolution Way

New cafe Kitsch in Sync opens to the public tomorrow and Holly (pictured behind the counter) will be serving coffee, speciality teas, homemade cakes, scones and ice cream, plus sandwiches made with artisan breads, salads and homemade quiche.

The cafe adjoins new gallery Occupy My Time, and both are situated opposite Arch Materials in Resolution Way, in the studio spaces under the new flats behind the new Tidemill School.

The strip of studio spaces here are now (mostly) all occupied as independent 'project spaces' and galleries and were launched last Friday by the umbrella organisation Enclave, headed up by Anthony Gross who also runs The Old Police Station.  

Occupy My Time Gallery, run by Sue Cohen, and the new cafe are just two of the several spaces, all of which will be open tomorrow and over the weekend. We missed the opening last week, so cannot comment on the other spaces, but the current exhibition at Occupy My Time is well worth a look.

The cafe is a little out of the way, being off the high street, but can be accessed from Giffin Street via Tidemill Way, between Wavelengths and the school (as well as from either end of Resolution Way). We look forward to the Deptford Dame's review of Holly's coffee and homemade cakes!

According to the Enclave website, their project space "is a flexible infrastructure with display space, utility area, Enclave’s and temporarycontemporary’s (aka The Old Police Station) new art offices, a future residency module ('unit') and pop-up charity fundraising bar. Due to be completed in August 2012, this space is the command-centre for Enclave operations. The Gallery and Project Space are connected and can be used together or separately for simultaneous projects".

'Enclave tenants' will each present a project in the main gallery every year in addition to the programme in their own spaces. The Enclave gallery will present a programme of exhibitions, events, projects, symposia, and film clubs – including an International Film Club programmed by Phoenix Fry from Deptford Film Club.

Perhaps the first film to be shown here should be Hide & Seek, the Children's Film Foundation production shot on location in Deptford in 1972, which shows Deptford as it was then (partly demolished as a result of the 'clearances'), just to establish the scene a little bit better than Secret Histories of our Streets recently did. It's a great film and could fill the Enclave space all weekend.


  1. Any idea where I could get hold of a copy of HIDE & SEEK? I'd love to try it out.

  2. Hi Phoenix, it's on YouTube, put up by unknownarchivetv, (possibly without permission?)...

  3. Phoenix, the BFI have now bought the rights to the Children's Film Foundation films from ITN – Hide & Seek is not yet available in their shop, but maybe you could ask for their permission to screen it?