Thursday, February 3, 2011

STOP Betfred - Deadline for petition

The hearing for BetFred's Betting Licence application for the old Halifax premises at 93-95 Deptford High Street is next Wednesday 9th Feb at the Town Hall. Afterwards it will be the 8th betting shop on the high street, or not. And the sixth within a 150m cluster, and the 11th within the vicinity of the high street, or not.

There are only 3 or 4 days left for you to sign your objection, if you haven't already. You can sign against Betfred online or do it on paper in the high street at Kim's newsagents, Ralph's grocers (High Street Flowers), Sight Centre opticians, Deptford Project train café, Albany Café, and Deptford Deli.

The closer you live to the high street the more urgently we need your signature, but please sign anyway if you visit the high street regularly.

If you're signing online, please also sign the national petition here. It took over 600,000 signatures to bring the government's proposed sell-off of our national woodlands to media attention which in turn led to it being debated in parliament, instead of it being slipped through without notice.

If you thinking signing the local petition will make no difference, that is even more reason to sign the national one, which demands a change in the 2005 Gambling Act to give councils and communities all over the country more power to SAY NO to betting shops opening up where there are already enough. Pass it on to your friends and relatives in other parts of the UK. Unlike the local objection to Betfred, the national petition can go on and on...

SAY YES to boarded up shop fronts if that's what it takes to get rid of these Multi Millionaire Tax Dodging Off-shore Banking Parasites that are deliberately targeting poor communities and making them even poorer...

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  1. shipwright's palaceFriday, February 04, 2011

    Betfred also in Chinatown/Soho. If they can get in there they can get in anywhere.