Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Betfred Planning Application - DEADLINE FOR OBJECTIONS 2nd March

The expected planning notices are up on the Halifax window – two Planning Applications...They are dated 9 February but it appears they only went up today or overnight.

Ref: DC/11/76362
Application to get the present Building Society Only use changed "in order to allow other uses within use class A2", eg to include a Betting Shop, the only thing standing in Betfred's way.
See it online where it is known as DC/11/76362/X

Ref: DC/11/76363
To make alterations to the rear of the building (plans viewable in Lewisham Reference Library)
See it online where it is known as DC/11/76363/FT

The deadline given on the window notice for 'comments' is 2 March 2011. There is presently no deadline given on the Lewisham website, but the 'Press Date' (when it is to be publicly posted) is 16th February. Hmm. The consultation start date is given online as 8th Feb. So that's a whole week LOST in "consultation" already. You might be forgiven for thinking Lewisham actually want this, they are so slow to act, and there are only TWO WEEKS to 'comment'.

Comments must go to:
Russell Penn, Planning Service, Laurence House, 1 Catford Road SE6 4RU.
020 8314 8443
Comments must include the Application number, your name, address, comment and reason for interest.

It would appear the most important thing to 'comment' about is the first one – the change of use. We shall post in due course about the process so that no one wastes their time, so watch this space. On the other hand, don't wait, just do it.

Interested parties (agents on behalf of the betting industry) are watching too, so listen and look out for alternative communications if you want to stop this.

For those of you who signed the petition, either online or on paper, we are hoping your signature has not been in vain. It presently stands at almost 800...


  1. As far as I understand the petition accompanying an objection still only counts as one objection even though it adds considerable weight to the strength of that objection. If you are willing and able it is very worthwhile writing in individually to
    Russell Penn, Planning Service, Laurence House, 1 Catford Road SE6 4RU.
    020 8314 8443 (see above) . I will be doing so and encouraging asap as many others to do so - and for the following reasons - The High St is a CONSERVATION AREA and the council has itself DESIGNATED ITS SOUTH END AS A RETAIL ONLY of course all the earlier social impact objections made in the licensing stage . Tottenham WON THEIR CASE AGAINST A BETTING SHOP ON PLANNING AS CHANGE OF USE OF THE BUILDING BECAUSE OF ITS EFFECT ON THE RETAIL NATURE OF THEIR STREET..this is Deptford's Unique chance to grab with both hands. Defeating Betfred on the Halifax at Planning is possible..It is vital to object asap !

  2. MT is correct, however many signatures on a petition it will only count as one objection. Compared with other London High Streets, Deptford has few empty units showing that demand for A1 (retail) space is strong. The 1974 permission for A2 was conditional on the premises only being used as a building society - recent 'banking' use was simply a case of banks taking on the building society function - so the premises should now revert to retail use. We all want a vibrant shopping street and that, in planning terms, is the point to emphasize in individual objections to the change of condition.

  3. What do you say when (if you read Betfred's application you would know) Betfred say they are "one of the Uk's biggest privately owned retaile outlets".

    Don't assume they have an answer for everything. They can't answer any of the arguments about child proverty, problem gambling and antisocial behaviour.

  4. You have no answer for everything, Bill. Get to work instead of playing Mafia Wars on Facebook.