Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Move along, please, nothing to see here....

I thought I'd give the new police.uk local crime map a look.  My post code doesn't appear to be on it, though.  Has anybody had any more luck?

Hello Marmoset, Sue here, sorry to barge in on your post...

I thought you only had to put your postcode, Marmoset! But anyway, it crashed when I tried it, and I had lots of trouble with other websites afterwards, probably because of the general surge in traffic (Radio 4 said it was similar to the problems incurred during the swine flue epidemic, and when Take That tickets went on sale etc!)...ie, millions of hits per minute.

Meanwhile, I've been looking at crime in our area here: maps.met.police.uk/, ever since the Deptford Dame posted about it last May (deptforddame.blogspot.com/2009/05/crime-mapping.html). *

The Met are also reorganising the Safer Neighbourhood Teams, although not in our area. But the Met's phone exchange has also gone haywire – when I tried to call New Cross SNT today I got through to Casualty at Hendon Met, and the team's mobile phone number was dead...

Also new (to me, at least) is that the SN Teams are having 'surgeries' and 'drop-ins' in local places if you want to talk to your local team...see the Lewisham Met page www.met.police.uk/teams/lewisham/newcross/index.php (details at the bottom).

*This site is also having problems. But here's what I got a moment ago (6.30pm) looking at Personal Robbery for December 2010.

There's also a category called "Robbery - Other (not Residential)" and that has Crossfields in the "high" area...not sure how this is different to personal robbery...


  1. Google launched its Art Project today where you can walk round Tate Britain and National Gallery online, Street Map stylee...that must have clogged up the wires a bit.

  2. "These maps will show that even if there is not a horrible crime in your street, something incredibly disturbing will have happened within five minutes walk…the maps would also be available as a smart phone 'app' so that busy professionals could be paranoid and fearful between meetings."


  3. Ha,ha,ha, Mushroom! How very true...