Monday, September 27, 2010

Pirates (the sequel)

I'm only posting these up from sheer bloody mindedness.  I'm walking through a tourist spot in Greenwich and security people tell me to stop taking photos.  And whenever that happens I have no choice but to take more photos and post them up somewhere.

So, here's the barricade they've put up overnight.

Here's the cavalry - a lovely horse anyway....

 Here's some Hacktors...

And here's the mildly-interesting photo they didn't want me to take.  As this photo was not authorised - sight apparently has been privatised - logically this must be a pirated image. 


It's sometimes simply more fun to be in Deptford, a short walk and a world away
It would be interesting to compare their relative budgets.


  1. I went past there today (Greenwich University). There were swarms of students outside moving to and from classes, or hanging out in breaks...Am guessing maybe 2000+ students at the Old Naval College? Surely the film company were told about potential breaks in security and leakage of set previews. It must totally unmanageable!

  2. Johnny Depp in Deppford for Deppford X!!!!