Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Deptford X-fielders

I can't promise to have a comprehensive list - and if you know of any missing names please drop us an email and we'll update it - but I thought it might be worth posting up the names and works of Crossfields residents who are participating in Deptford X.

Working through the little catalogue that should have been delivered through your letterbox, on page 11, Leila Galloway is collaborating with Sophie Hope and the residents of Xfields with their '''Saying No'' project and will be at large on the estate on Saturday 2 October (according to the catalogue*) in a collective celebration of our acts of resistance, refusal and rebellion.

*However, the information on the DeptfordX website says listen out on Sunday, 3 October, when  ''Voices revealing quiet acts of creative resistance will echo around the estate on the afternoon of Sunday 3 October. Join us from 2pm for refreshments and listen in to these common acts of resistance.''

Moving on to page 12, there is Cluster J, a work affixed to the window of the new Wavelengths swimming pool by Xfields resident, Deepa Chudasama.  ''A chance encounter with Cluster J is a momentary glimpse into a pseudo-scientific world, or maybe this week’s ‘new look’, transient, temporary and fleeting.'' it says on the website.  I tend to think of it as Dotford...

On page 16 we come to Creekery, a piece by Sue Lawes.  (There's a low-tide preview on yesterday's post).  Sue has been assisted by another resident Emma Redstone. Check the calendar for viewing times on Ha'penny Hatch - it's there all the time but it's only visible at low tide.  And if we get a lot of rain and the river goes into spate, it may end up a good way further downstream.


And arriving at page 21 in the catalogue, we get to Chrissie Stewart's 'Samples'' at Gimcrack, which is a small shop on the little triangle at the bottom of Tanners Hill, where the deli is and where Witcomb's used to be.  Oh, and the butchers...  According to the catalogue, Gimcrack ''opens on a whim and sells 'domestic artefacts', odds and sods and bric-a-brac''  Chrissie will be showcases samples of her work, made using found objects with a nostalgic connection.  It's probably numptiness on my part but the only image I can find for this is from the catalogue itself.  (So, Chrissie, if you're reading, send us a picture.)


There's an almost bewildering amount of stuff to be seen over the next couple of weeks.  I've done my best to add the events to the Calendar (illustration above, plucked at random).  But I found myself running out of space to list every event there.  So avid art-watchers will do best to use the Deptford Art Map online calendar in conjunction with our own for details about the Galleries part of Deptford X.  Happy Hunting!

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