Thursday, September 30, 2010

Community Event this Sunday on Crossfields

Leila Galloway and Sophie Hope would like to say a special thanks go to all the residents who have contributed to the sayingno CD which has now been delivered to all homes on Crossfields Estate – your voices are truly inspirational!

"We hope you enjoy listening to this unique snapshot of a time and place and are as moved as we were when we were editing the voices together. We really think this is a vital and exciting document that brings the individual voices of a community together in an intimate and celebratory way. Thank you for sharing your stories of freedom, celebration, rebellion and sayingno with us and your neighbours."

Contributors to the CD include Adam, Alpha, Anana Krish + Suzie Rendell, Andy Forshaw + Ade, Anna + Ruth Hudson, Anton, Ben, Bunmi, Charles Hayward, Chi Nwobani, Chika + Grace, Chris Morgan, Claire Evans, Clement + Mecalla, Debbie Hughes, Dee, Duncan Grech, Eddie Reid, Elaine, Elise, Farhia, Fiona, Guillaume Crato, Heather, Heather M., Hedley Shaw, Ingvilid Isakden, James, Talbu + Richy, Jan, Javier, John Rhodes, Kieth Nicholson, Lucy, Maeve, Anne-Claire, Sylvia + Stella, Mark, Mark, Mei Ying, Mervion Kirwood, Michelle Hopwood, Miss Kante + Jaunet Remy, Murphy Adewale, Naomi, Nick Statham, Pat, Paulie, Piotr Ruszel, Rachel + Ken, Rafael, Raoul Amantchi, Ray, Riita, Rory Laird, Shaun Barweti, Shaz, Steve, Stuart, Sue Powell, Suresh, Sylvia van Mierlo, Syvia Ferreria, Rachel Eliott + Gemma Convelly, Tayo, Terry, Terry Edward, Tim Wilson + Mike, Tim’s friend, Tom, Tracy, William Ottie, Winston, Yazmine and all those who wished to remain anonymous.

Thanks also to the Tenants and Residents Association (Hugh Johnson in particular), Sue Lawes, Nicholas Alexander, Jake Strickland, Olivia Hornby, Treasa O’Brian, Simone and the staff of Deptford X.

Hear Crossfields Estate's 'confessions of freedom and rebellion' on the saying no website here.

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