Friday, August 6, 2010

The Sirens of Titan in Oxleas Wood.

I've not been to one of these Bubble Theatre in the park performances but judging by the Greenwich Phantom's glowing reviews they come highly recommended.

In the words of the delightfully-named Shipra Ogra at Bubble:

What will summer in Oxleas Woods look like the next few days?

For a start, it will be a time-travelling journey from Mars to Mercury and Titan via Earth. Very different from the heroic, epic voyage that Odysseus made last year!

It will also include an experience of chrono synclastic infundibulum - where there are many different ways to be absolutely right about everything.
You will meet Harmoniums – the kind of creatures that graze on sound and
you will learn about the futuristic art of surviving without oxygen, using Goofballs!

If all that sounds unfamiliar don’t worry, we haven’t completely flown out of this planet. It will be another great Bubble show – full of moments of excitement and surprise and songs and dance!

Bubble Theatre Summer Parks.
This year it’s The Sirens of Titan!
Oxleas Woods 6 - 9 August
Hilly Fields Park 11-14 August

The performances begin at 7:30pm tonight and run over the weekend before decamping to Deptford Common* next weekend.

*more commonly known as Hilly Fields

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