Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Bird's Nest late license rejected

Bad news for the Bird's Nest, but good news for residents of Frankham...

The Bird's Nest applied for a variation in their license for live music and the serving of alcohol – to extend alcohol sales by one hour on a Thursday to midnight and by one hour on Friday and Saturday to 2am, and to extend live music provision by two hours on a Thursday and Friday to midnight and on Sunday to start at 2pm.

At the License Committee meeting on August 18th, a Frankham House resident was present to object, backed up by a Environmental Health Enforcement Officer's presentation of numerous complaints from residents.

It was resolved that the pub's license for the provision of live music could be varied as follows:
Friday 8pm–11pm, Saturday 2pm–11pm, Sunday 2pm–10.30pm with the following conditions:
1. Internal lobby with both sets of doors to be kept closed during live music except for entry and egress.
2. Acoustic curtains to be fitted
3. Noise limiter to be fitted and drawn when live music is in progress

The variation of the licence was not granted for the application relating to the sale of alcohol.

Download the Minutes here.

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