Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Just say something!

It seems like the uncertainty surrounding the proposed change of Tidemill from an ''outstanding'' school to an academy is proving to be the source of a lot of concern.  It's new legislation, rushed through parliament just before elected government goes on holiday, complicated by the media stories about Mark Elms, Tidemill headteacher, creaming off  millions  and millions of...ok, I'm exaggerating...rather a lot of money from the public purse. 

But at heart, it's about knowing what's going on, what's being proposed, which power group is pushing what where, and how it will affect Deptford and our schoolchildren's education. It seems only sensible to try and find out what is going on.

And finding out what is going on needs some consultation.  Which is why there will be a stall somewhere in Deptford market tomorrow  (maybe more precise details will arrive in the comments box) where you can sign a petition, which is nothing more than a simple demand for consultation.   It's not a knee-jerk ''no, don't change anything'' reaction,   more of a ''could you ask us what we think and tell us what you're doing?'' kind of thing. You know, the kind of thing - democracy, I think it's called.

So, if you're out in the market tomorrow, keep your eyes out for the Tidemill stall and sign the petition.  Get them to say something....

OOPS....and I forgot to say that the stall will be there from 11am - 2pm

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