Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Snippets and Rumours

Heard or discovered at lunchtime yesterday...

From the horse's mouth:

Kit & Cutter confirm that folk giant Martin Carthy will play the Deptford Arms on 1st May (see previous story here). Only 12 tickets left (3 at concessionary price)! Buy at WeGotTickets here. Oops, now there are only 11. A bit like betting on a horse though, since rumour has it the pub will be shut to make way for the bookies (see Deep Throat rumour below).

The River Bar at Greenwich is for sale at £1.65m with an option to acquire an adjacent undeveloped site with more river frontage for a further £1m (see back story here). What's that adjacent site though? Is it the beach? Or has Capital Quay (next door) suddenly lost value? As long as it's not the playground behind...

From High Street Deep Throat and totally UNSUBSTANTIATED:

- Longhurst to sell Bird's Nest
- Cathedral plc have gone bust, Lewisham looking for new developer for Deptford station
- Like much of the property in the north of the high street, the Swan pub is owned by 'moody' Vietnamese...
- Council cost cutting to include turning off high street lighting at midnight (after the elections),  a mugger's charter to be sure...
- Deptford Arms will close in ten days (er...see above gig planned for 15 days' time)...

Still, one of the above stories must be true.


  1. Could be that 'Deep Throat' was referring to this?

  2. That's interesting San. It's exactly the same story I heard but a different location! Maybe Deep Throat is a little hard of hearing...or else, if it is happening in Bexley, it is also happening in other places... we just haven't heard about it. Well done for spotting it.

  3. Since Joan Ruddock was 'instrumental' in securing the partnership for the new station, perhaps she knows what is happening? Maybe a question to ask at the Utrophia Hustings?

  4. Moody? Whats that implying?

  5. I was quoting Deep Throat who appears to think that most of the high street (not just at the north end) is engaged in nefarious criminal activity...