Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Deptford-in-Greenwich (3)

Below, dear postman, is a map:

It's off http://www.election-maps.co.uk/electmaps.jsf.  In pink are the ward boundaries, in red, the Borough Constituencies.  You've just delivered to an address just above the Ward of New Cross Ward (over on the west of the map) three Green fliers.  One for the Green Party, ''Darren for Lewisham Deptford,'' (addressed and correctly delivered).  Another for  the Green Party, ''Vote Andy Hewett to be your Green Party MP for Greenwich and Woolwich.''   The third was for the Chutney Tandoori, on the Greenwich side of Blackheath Road, who do a very interesting Green Murgh Curry.- ''pieces of chicken tikka made with fresh puréed coriander, tamarind, fresh mint, green chilli and other herbs.''

So, dear postman, when you're next on the west side of the border, conveniently marked in Royal Mail red, please do not deliver leaflets for another area.  Yes, I know that, er, interested parties have tried to blur the line but this does not excuse us, the public, having to pay for the wrong post....  

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