Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Paddy Power at Deptford Arms

Spotted in the South London Press on Monday:

Regarding the Deptford Arms, a spokesman said: “We are currently in amicable dialogue with the conservation officer to come to the best solution.
“The latest decision will slow the process down slightly but we hope to begin the conversion work in around a month’s time.”

See the article here which also talks about The Hope in Rye Lane, also under threat from the same bookmaker.


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  2. Hey Marmoset, shall we leave the above comment there to show how awful these wankers are?

  3. Yup, I think so. It shows his level of understanding quite effectively.

  4. Here's an acronym for 'amicable':

    Accepting Monies In Cash After Betting License Established

    Thanks to Maria for that.