Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Squeeze in the breeze

Here's a sneak preview of Squeeze's commemorative plaque unveiled today, courtesy of a brisk wind blowing up Royal Hill this afternoon.

And here's the the strategically-placed Creaky Shed van:

After a short speech and thank you (of which I didn't hear a word because the PA system was inside ?!), Chris Difford and Glen Tilbrook, plus new band members ready for their upcoming tour, posed beneath the plaque....

....before going inside to give a short acoustic performance to...ahem...invited guests. Marmoset, being a stand on the wall and watch from a distance kind of person, didn't feature amongst this élite but another of our contributors inveigled their way in....

Meanwhile local blogger 853 managed to get a nice video! Thanks 853!

NOTE: this was a pooled post by Marmoset and Sue.


  1. Hey Marmoset, your curtain pix are so cheeky – very appropriate for Squeeze! Very slap and tickle!

  2. What IS the secret of Chris Difford's eternal youth, must be all that sea air in Brighton!