Thursday, March 18, 2010

noisy neighbours part 1

I know this issue crops up a lot so I thought it might be of interest to people to hear about my problem. For the past couple of months the kids upstairs and their constant running about have been unbelievably noisy. And when I say running about I don't mean the pitter patter of toddlers I mean colossal crashes and bangs as the kids throw themselves around, jump off furniture and occassionally bang objects on the ground for no apparent reason. It starts about 7 in the morning and carries on until they go to school, and then it starts again about 4 when they get home continuing until at least 9 or 10pm sometimes later. Weekends and school holidays it tends to go on most of the day. Its so loud that my flatmate has moved out unable to cope with it any longer. I try and stay out as long as possible only returning home after 11 when I can be sure they're in bed. I've spoke to the mum at least 3 times about it and although she appears relatively apologetic and understanding nothing changes and the noise carries on as before. By the way, in case anyone thinks I'm exagerrating this I've lived here 4 years and never once complained to anyone despite over the years enduring loud parties, babies crying at 3am and noisy building work. These things I can accept as a part of living in a communal building and they've never bothered me but the current din is like nothing I've ever experienced before. According to the council website there are 2 options in dealing with noisy neighbours; one is to speak to the environmental health department who will take the case on and try to deal with it for you. They don't however deal with 'domestic noise' such as mine as its not covered under the 1990 Environmental Health Act which is annoying because what they're doing is much louder and more frequent than some of the other stuff covered in the act such as washing machines rumbling or loud music playing. The second option is to contact the anti social behaviour team at the nearest housing office which is what I did although their powers seem somewhat limited in dealing with this. What they did offer was to send a letter to the perpetrator and then if nothing changes we both have to attend a meeting where a 'mediator' from lewisham homes will presumably attempt to broker a deal between us. I spoke to them on Wednesday and was told by the woman on the phone, (who, it has to be said was very helpful), that said letter would arrive upstairs by Friday and then we'd take it from there so I wait with bated breath. And potentially life threatening high blood pressure...


  1. Commiserations, Stickman. Though it's pretty quiet here living on the top floor with nothing more than the odd squirrel running about overhead, I do know how unbearable noise can be. In a previous flat, the upstairs neighbour left a puppy alone indoors while she went off to a party and didn't return for two days. The poor thing whimpered and howled without ever stopping We had to call the RSPCA to take the poor thing away and she came home to find her door broken and her puppy taken away. It's slower dealing with humans, though.

  2. Hi Stickman,
    You don't say how long this has been going on and how long it has taken to deal with?

  3. Stickman, what has happened since upstairs got the letter? Has it got quieter? Let us know!