Friday, March 19, 2010

New developments: Greenwich High Road

This development is perhaps the most controversial of all. It is yet another Galliard Homes speculation. They already have Capital Quay, the Distillery and the new Drake Apartments on Evelyn Street. In fact it would appear they own half of Deptford. It is looming up at the bottom of our road and has already stolen the view for Crossfields residents overlooking Creekside. The problem with this one is that there are no details at all to view (unless you go to Greenwich Planning Office), so none of us know how big or how tall it is going to get.

There are no sickly over the top videos for this venture. Estate agents are selling or letting the flats with pictures of penthouse interiors or just views of Greenwich. It doesn't even have a name, but it is going up faster than a firework.

The boat dwellers living in the Creek and residents on the other side of Greenwich High Road have been battling this one for some time (along with the temporarily abandoned plans for Lewisham College). Friends of the Creek argue that the development completely overshadows the Creek which will have a profound effect on its wildlife. There are mooring issues, and last August, Galliard, in an attempt to sterilise the view for its investors, also persuaded the Port of London Authority to remove the Northern Star, the wooden wreck that had become a wonderful habitat for a variety of wildlife.


  1. I've just done an extensive post about this coincidentally.

  2. And I was just reading your(very detailed) post when your comment arrived! Good bit of digging there.

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