Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Social Centre Plus move into the main Job Centre Plus

This in from the folks at the Job Centre....


Social Centre Plus – who occupied the old Job Centre on Deptford High Street in order to create “an anti-cuts space for the community” – celebrated completing their brief move next door by announcing a new programme of events and another Open Day for this Wednesday (20th).

“Following last Tuesday’s failed eviction attempt by bailiffs and builders sent by landlord Paul Jackson,” Jenny Wilshere said, “the SCP Collective decided to move out of number 122 into number 124 next door. You can currently find us by knocking on the door underneath the ‘Christ Life’ sign.”

The move was undertaken in order to maintain a safe space open to the community, Wilshere said on behalf of the anti-cuts group. “Despite the fantastic showing from almost 100 local residents in order to prevent the bailiffs from entering last Tuesday,” she continued, “we can’t be sure that the Locks Bury Services thugs won’t return with heavy tools and violent intentions. So we felt that the best way of keeping open a genuinely community-led space against the cuts was by moving into a new site which had no legal eviction order hanging over it.”

Wilshere emphasised that the space was once again open to the community, and that Wednesday’s Open Day – which will include food, drinks, a film and even a barbecue (“weather-permitting!”) – would be the first of many. “We have loads of events planned, but we want members of the local community to continue to make use of the space, so we once again invite everyone to come and pay us a visit for a quick cuppa and a nice chat.”


  1. Hey,

    I'm in a Finch House resident and noticed that my car wheel valves are missing. The small rubber cap screw things. I've had a little look around the car park outside Finch House and it looks like all the other cars screw caps have gone. Is it all over the estate? or has some cheeky bugger gone around and nicked them all? I'm thinking its best not leave anything of any value in your cars. On a plus note the weathers great!

  2. It's the elfins. The valve caps work perfectly as screw-in cups for their hip flasks.

    Alternatively, like the sudden disappearance of the contents of my water bottle, the reported kicking of footballs at cyclists on Denmark Hill, it's often attributed to kids bored out of their skulls.

    But I blame the elfins.