Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Deptford Station

It appears work is finally starting on Deptford station...Pop over to the Deptford Dame for this enormously welcome bit of news.

STOP PRESS - See also the Dame's update ...

Here's some pictures taken in 2003 – yes, 2003, before digital cameras. Those who have continued to use the station on their daily commute may remember a bit of a clean up and paint job in between then and now (personally I've refused to commute since well before that date). But only last week I could observe no change in the awful conditions Deptford commuters have had to tolerate for so long now...

 The ticket machine in 2003 often didn't work...
Praise the Lord! Rejoice! Hallelujah! (sound of trumpets and generally loud symphonic celebratory noise)...

Postscript: Volker Fitzpatrick told us at their (underpublicised) Open Day that SOUTH EASTERN RAILWAYS are responsible for the maintenance of the station. Since commuters will have to use the same entrance until November, perhaps someone could start a campaign to get them to CLEAN IT UP!


  1. Eugh! My fairly limited experience is that it has improved a little and the ticket machine is a bit more reliable, but a lack of cleaning, particularly on the weekend, mean it's still a rubbish dump by Sunday evening.

  2. I wonder if the lack of cleaning will be addressed going forward? If not we will end up with a nice new station for it to look a mess shortly after without any staff to maintain/clean it.

  3. that hits the nail...same goes for the new paving in the market which is already looking grey and sad.

  4. You may be also interested to know that in 2003 the first plans were getting underway to develop the station that included getting rid of the Job Centre. See this previous post