Thursday, April 7, 2011

Copper thieves

Crossfields resident Yvonne has brought this to our attention...

On Tuesday she had a British Gas engineer round to do an annual service of her boiler. He pointed out to her that the copper overflow pipe on the outside wall had been sawn off. Along the landing, a neighbour's pipe had also been removed. I had a look at mine – still there hidden among the plants, but next door where the pipe was more easily accessed it had been cut off. There is also a huge crack in the wall.

Apparently, a kilo of copper can fetch £4 (and more in recent times). The engineer told Yvonne it was fetching around £12,000 a ton, and that there was no point in replacing the pipe since it would more than likely be cut again.


  1. shipwright's palaceFriday, April 08, 2011

    I also noticed that all the Henry Moores and Barbara Hepworths from the parks and gardens in Deptford as well as the Chillidas and Richard Serras from the Convoy's Jetty Sculpture Park have disappeared recently...............

  2. This has got to be organised crime, and some sop or junkie going round with the bolt cutters. Looks like it was done when the price was higher, it was done before I cleared my balcony when Lewisham Homes were threatening to clear it for me. I can imagine some Eastern European or Vietnamese boss sitting at his computer watching the prices of copper and sending out his troops late at night, or was it the afternoon...