Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Douglas Way

Get ready for a shock...Fully grown trees in Douglas Way! Some even have blossom...What next!

The new Cycle Path is taking some time what with it needing 20 Eastern Europeans an hour to lay one paving stone. Each time I've been down to the market, my favourite stalls have been in different places as the new paving progresses. Since work started on the square recently, the secondhand market has reached all the way up to Watsons's Street and I quite liked it like that (can't speak for the stall holders, who have been messed around right royally since these renovations began)...

A little bird tells me The Albany is at last looking at plans to rearrange its front door to face the high street, funds permitting...That would indeed be evolutionary!

Still, there's a way to go, but yesterday (Tuesday) we spotted the trees which must've gone in over the past couple of days. Not some poor little saplings that might get easily get damaged before they've put down roots, but young adult trees (of a species that obviously doesn't need much root space)...If time allows, more pictures to follow with Wednesday's market in full flow...(or send us yours)...

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  1. shipwright's palaceThursday, April 14, 2011

    Yes trees more trees pleese! however i did think that they were planted with the wired sacking still intact?? does anyone know if this is supposed to be removed?