Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Where are they now? #1

JP from Holden House wrote to Crosswhatfields about ex-Finch House resident Jeff Balcombe:

Although Jeff moved from Crossfields more than 10 years ago many still remember him and ask about him. He has been living in Cliftonville, Margate for the last seven years. The bad news last year was that his wife, Trish, died  from lung cancer after a short illness. This left him, aged 65, with a 13 year old daughter and three foster children. The good news is that Ruby is a talented guitarist singer and has started writing her own material. I'm biased but I think she will make it, sooner rather than later. 

Ruby was born while they were living in Finch House. This video was filmed a year ago; since then she has been taking singing lessons and also guitar lessons from Dave Ralph, also ex-Finch House, who many will also remember. It's worth a look.

Taylor Swift Love story~COVER~

Ruby Balcombe | Myspace Music Videos


  1. This is very nice to see.
    Ruby clearly has a chip of her dad's block - Jeff also plays/ed guitar

  2. Why has this reappeared ? Has something else happened lately ?? I can report I saw Jeff and Ruby in the autumn and got a card from them at Christmas. I left an ansaphone message early January but have not heard back as yet..I assume they are doing fine..and would like to know if that is not the case Cheers