Monday, January 24, 2011

Crossfields on the telly

We've unearthed the pilot episode of a sitcom called Turn The World Down set and filmed on Crossfields. Produced by Tiger Aspect, the series was shelved after a managerial change at Channel 4. It was originally aired in 2001, but was later broadcast in April 2010 on Channel 4 as part of Comedy Lab and can still be watched on 4OD.

It has a few well-known faces in it such as comedians Sean Hughes and Brendon Burns, Diane Parish (Denise from EastEnders), Rosie Cavaliero (Jam & Jerusalem) and local actor Jim Conway...(let us know if you recognise any of the other actors or know what young Aaron Lewis or baby Ethan Field are up to now)...

Much of the action takes place away from the estate, but you'll recognise Finch House in the first and last few minutes!

You can watch the entire pilot episode on 4OD here.

Jim Conway, Aaron Lewis and Brendon Burns in Turn The World Down

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  1. Great find!

    In the opening shots of Finch, out on the balcony, there's a great fluffy white cat patrolling the top floor, which really looks like it's a genuine local. Does anybody know whether the cat's still around? (Not to neglect Jim, probably the only person who's still in the area.)

    Other mundane details: Ferranti park still hasn't been built - it looks like there's a blue skip in it. I don't know whether it was still a council depot at that point or whether they were just beginning the landscaping. There's also one of our videogenic railway arches in the film.