Saturday, January 8, 2011

Malcolm Hardee Annual Remembrance Night at The Lord Hood

 Sunday 9th January, 7pm-1am, Free
The Lord Hood, 300 Creek Road

The Lord Hood, standing as it does bang next door to Up The Creek, was much frequented by Up The Creek's founder, comedian Malcolm Hardee. Every year the pub has a get together to remember him. This year Jody VandenBurg will be showing his award winning documentary on the Tunnel Club. Jody is also working on a documentary about Malcolm so attendees are requested to bring along their memories to tell Jody so he can add it to his collection of Malcolm's time here on this planet. Also Steve Bowditch and his band The Provocateers and the best new double act The Office Girls will be providing the usual off the wall entertainment.

The evening clashes with Shedload of Love at The Duke, but if you're nimble you can get to both!


  1. I had the pleasure of meeting Malcolm on so many occasions, he was a great guy who is sorely missed, Up the Creek is not the same without him.

  2. I am Teresa Verney-Brookes and I had the great pleasure of chatting to him (not realising at the time that he was on route between his dressing room and the stage) about my dads bollocks.

    Ever since I had seen him do standup - when he invariably got his HUGE bollocks out at the end of the set, I had been wanting to tell that his were the only balls that came anywhere near the same size as my dads danglers!! Until I saw Malcolm's prize assets - I had spent my adult life thinking all other men were just "inadequate" in THAT department!

    After going to great lengths to explain just how/why I was so familiar with the size of my dads bollocks (another long and funny story which involves an itchy bummy-hole) he told me of other folk - even a few famous ones (more stories I guess) - who had also told him about the size of their dads balls.

    He then asked if we could continue the conversation later (which we did) as the noise in the background was the audience chanting for him to "fucking hurry up"!! “