Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Bellway Homes / Kent Wharf public consultation

Wednesday 2nd July 3pm-7pm and Saturday 5th July 10am-2pm
Laban Centre SE8 3DZ

Bellway Thames Gateway will be exhibiting their plans and proposals 'to transform this derelict site into new homes, a landscaped courtyard and space for artists and small businesses'. The site in question is next to the Laban, close to Finch House.

Check it out if you want to know how tall the buildings will be and how they propose to transport building materials to and from the site. Especially the latter since there's going to be a lot of building work going on soon at Faircharm and behind the Laban with hundreds of HGVs trundling noisily up and down Creekside. Perhaps Bellway will use the river? Just an idea...

And of course we'll be undergoing our own building works as Major Works take place on Crossfields Estate, so there's no escape. More on that farce shortly...

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