Monday, July 14, 2014

Bellway Homes at Kent Wharf

If anyone living in Finch House missed the Bellway Homes consultation held at the Laban on 2nd and 5th July, go to to see how the proposals will affect you.

To comment you are asked to download the 'feedback form' and return it by FREEPOST or by email before 21st July. You can also email or call 0845 460 6011 for more information.

A detailed planning application will not go in till the end of the summer, when the actual design of the buildings will be more refined – so it is pointless to comment on the look of the buildings in these drawings at this stage.

On the website, click on 'to view the exhibiton boards' and scroll down to The Proposals: "Bellway Homes is promoting a residential-led development of one, two and three bedroom apartments along the road (Creekside) and the waterfront. Along Creekside the proposals are predominantly five storeys high with a set back sixth storey, on the waterfront there is a six-storey element. There is also a 12 storey element, which reflects the taller buildings at the south end of the road and across the river. This arrangement helps reduce the impact on the Laban Building opposite."

At the consultation we were told the 'luxury' element of the development will be the 12-storey building on Creekside. This is apparently at the request of the council – originally this building was proposed to go on the waterside. The upper floors of the 12-storeys will offer views of both the Creek and St Paul's church and its surrounds.

Finch House residents will also be affected by the five storey blocks proposed on the opposite side of the road from them. Of the 134 'private and affordable' units proposed, it was not clear how many will be affordable.

We were also told they are 'looking into' using the Creek for the transportation of materials to and from the site. Also there will be an increase in traffic (and parking) from construction workers. Since this will affect us all, we look forward to viewing the reports which will accompany the detailed planning application scheduled for September.

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