Monday, October 28, 2013

Trees down on Crossfields

On Crossfields, four trees came down in last night's storm. Two were between Browne and Castell (a bit of a wind tunnel). One of these narrowly missed a parked van, whilst the other was caught by a cable. As far as we know the cable did not cause loss of power or phonelines.

Another tree came down between Holden and Wilshaw, causing considerable damage to a car. This tree had been fenced off previously, awaiting tarmac repairs that had already taken place around the trees at the Browne/Castell entrance.

One more was uprooted on Farrer House lawn, where lots of branches also fell. Another two trees lost branches around the ballcourt.

There were blocked drains at Finch, where workmen had to clear a lot of leaves to get to the drain.

By early this evening, the fallen trees had been cleared, and we noticed more damage at the back of Holden.

Update: Tuesday 29 October
Although the fallen trees next to Browne & Castell have been removed (and chipped this morning), and some debris and leaves have been removed by sweepers (aided by young men who must be on Community Payback), the entrance to the estate at Browne & Castell remains closed. The gate is taped. This is presumably due to the cable which is still hanging low across the path. The cable is likely to be the responsibility of a utility company, so we can most probably expect this entrance to remain unuseable for some time. 

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