Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Finally, Creekside Village fills one of its retail units...?

Seen in Greenwich blog have posted about a new deli/restaurant about to open in the seemingly unlettable retail units at Creekside Village, temporarily named Borgo London (a pretty common name for an Italian restaurant, but it appears not to be a chain)...

"We are a family-run business (local to Greenwich) planning to set up a deli selling fresh juices, coffee, breads, ham, cheese, pastries, salads and the like to eat in or take away for those evenings where you can’t face the kitchen!

"As locals...we want to create a relaxed environment where people can hang-out and enjoy fresh, local produce. We have a license to sell alcohol, so we are currently sourcing some great wines and craft beers, to serve alongside delicious sharing plates, such as charcuterie boards and a selection of antipasti.

"We think our business will really support locals in providing a great social space and a place to eat and drink. We like to think of at as restaurant meets home kitchen…a place to indulge in affordable, simple food/drink whilst situated in a relaxed and friendly environment. We want to keep the menu small and flexible to offer customers the best seasonal foods and to minimise “restaurant-style” fuss of huge menus and wasted food.

"Please let people know that we are opening in order to make living in Greenwich and in particular Creekside better! We want to provide people with a great social space, affordable & delicious food and drink, friendly customer service adapting to local desires and to give confidence to more businesses so that we can help regenerate the area and make it a vibrant and awesome place!!”

Seen in Greenwich blog sees the new venture as a rival for Jamie's Italian in the centre of Greenwich, but if it's reasonably priced and they create the atmosphere they promise, it'll likely be the Big Red Pizza Bus who'll have to up their game...


  1. I cannot wait! I was just in New York and was thinking that it was about time that delis caught on in the UK. With the high celings that the creekside development offers it will have that New york deli feel. It's going to be one of a kind over here. I work from home and will be in there all the time

  2. Hi, thanks for sharing my post. I don't think the Big Red need worry too much, the owners say they won't be able to get a license for a pizza oven due to problems with installing extraction systems in the unit, so they won't be direct competitors. Hopefully it will be a relaxed, sociable space with good quality food which will encourage more of the units to get filled. Fingers crossed!

  3. Looks like they've cancelled these plans and it's not going to happen :(