Tuesday, July 16, 2013

No more trains to London Bridge...or Waterloo or Charing Cross...

It's pretty bad news for all local users of South Eastern Trains...

Deptford High Street blog published a piece last week by Mike Sparham from the Greenwich Line Users' Group, which we reproduce here...
In 2014 trains will have been running for 150 years between Charing Cross and Deptford. Unfortunately, it may also be the last year as, from January 2015, there are plans to stop all direct trains to Waterloo East and Charing Cross, with all services diverted into Cannon Street. Even worse, for three years until the beginning of 2018, it will not even be possible to change trains at London Bridge for a Southeastern service to these stations.

This is all a consequence of the Thameslink programme, a £6bn Government-funded scheme to improve capacity on the Thameslink route through the re-building of London Bridge. This programme means that from January 2015 until August 2016 no Charing Cross trains will call at London Bridge. From August 2016 to early 2018 no Cannon Street trains will call at London Bridge, meaning that when you get on a London-bound train at Deptford it will whisk (or trundle) you to Cannon Street but nowhere else. And it is no use walking to New Cross, as that station is also affected the same way.

Once the work is complete, it will once again be possible to change at London Bridge, but there will be no physical track connection that will enable trains to reach Charing Cross. So, after 150 years, the West End will no longer be reached by direct trains.

The Greenwich Line Users’ Group has been formed to represent the interests of all passengers who use the Greenwich Line. Whilst we recognise that the work at London Bridge will bring about many improvements for passengers generally, it will disadvantage users of the Greenwich Line. Our objective is to remove that disadvantage. Insufficient thought has been given by the Department for Transport to the impact on the Greenwich Line and the possible ways in which direct Charing Cross services could be maintained.

Cannon Street is a fine station for the City, but hopeless for getting to and from the West End. The Group will be lobbying the Department for Transport, Network Rail and Southeastern trains for a service that meets the needs of South East Londoners.

The Users’ Group can be contacted at greenwichline@outlook.com. We will be happy to receive your comments or questions.
Also see the Deptford Dame's post for comments...

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  1. The first commenter on the Dame's post says you can easily get to Embankment from Cannon Street in 6 minutes. But at what extra cost? And is this even true? TfL says it is 7 minutes.

    Personally speaking, I hate the tube. Once at Charing Cross I'd rather walk or bus it, unless going further afield. Sometimes I tend to forget my hatred of the tube in favour of the quick journey from London Bridge to Angel, and other easy links from London Bridge via the Jubilee.

    But WTF, so many lines are closed at the weekend. The DLR and the South Eastern Lines also seem to be closed quite a lot at weekends (often when you've planned something special).

    None of the networks can be depended upon, and just when you think the 199 is the best bus in the world, someone has the terrible misfortune to crash in the road and cause hold ups, or there are stupid roadworks, and your 35 minute journey turns into two hours...Aggghhhh....

    Don't suppose the new developers or planners have built in these changes. Maybe this inconvenience to locals will all be over by the time they're up and running, but in the meantime, their lorries will be clogging up the local roads. Thank you, Workspace, thank you Galliard, thank you Thames Water...thank you Hutchison Whampoa.