Friday, July 5, 2013

Creekside Centre celebrates three years of Rivers & People Project this Sunday

Sunday 7th July, 12pm to 3.30pm –  It's a WRaP
The final event of the Rivers and People Project celebrates its three year duration with crab races, wildflower bingo, traditional fairground games and food – including barbecue and cake – plus puppet theatre Monkey Biz. All welcome.

Creekside Discovery Centre, 14 Creekside, Deptford, SE8 4SA


  1. Is that a juvenile nuthatch? I may be way off the mark but if it is, I've never seen one around here before.

  2. Hi Marmoset it's a Wheatear. They turn up on migration in spring and autumn. In the old days of extensive wastelands round Deptford you'd expect to see one on a good day at the right time of year. This particular fellow turned up in spring last year with another male. They had a long weekend break at the Creekside Centre before continuing on their journey.

    I haven't seen a Nuthatch around here either but sooner or later someone will.


    1. Thanks Nick, that makes much more sense. You've made the Creekside Centre sound like a bird hotel.