Tuesday, June 18, 2013


The Crossfields Outdoor Ping Pong table is being delivered this week, and will hopefully fit into the space marked out for it here, near the ballcourt. Get yourself some bats and balls and be ready for some fun on Sunday (if not before) when there'll be some gardening activities going on in and around the Sue Godfrey Community Garden next to the Farrer House bikesheds.

By then, a new tap for the Wonky Prong Food Growing Project should have been connected (no thanks to Thames Water who charged a fortune and took an age to install the pipework!). Plants are arriving at the end of the week, ready to be planted on Sunday. If you want to join in the gardening, come along on Sunday 23rd at midday from 2pm. Afterwards there'll be a BBQ...

Whoops, earlier we posted that there would be graffiti workshops and a bug safari for kids, but unfortunately they're cancelled due to illness...sorry!

Update 20th June 2013: The table has arrived!!! Thanks to Tim for organising.


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