Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Thames Tunnel update

Don't Dump on Deptford's Heart reports:

• Thames Water are planning to submit the development consent application for the Super Sewer on 28th February to the planning inspectorate in Bristol
• This application will be 60,000 pages long
• The planning inspectorate will then have until March 28th to make a decision as to whether they will accept this application
• They are making a big play of their consultation claiming that they have listened to members of the community and stakeholders and have taking people’s views into consideration for the plans that they have submitted
• If the planning inspectorate accept the application they will make available the application available to the public
• It is expected that they will then hold a meeting to consider the application on 2nd and 3rd September 2013

The campaign believes that they have still not answered our questions or our concerns. We will continue to fight this. Please remember, so far only Thames Water have decided that this is a good site.

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