Thursday, February 21, 2013

New Cross Assembly

Local assemblies are open meetings where local people can decide how to impove their area. Anyone who lives, works or studies in each ward can attend (our ward is New Cross). See this Council web page.

The next New Cross Assembly is:

Thursday 28 February, 7-9pm at Deptford Lounge

Chaired by Cllr Paul Maslin. On the agenda:
• an update on the Outer London Fund programme on Deptford High Street
• information about volunteering, time credits and skill swap schemes
• an extended session with the Safer Neighbourhood Team
• update on Lewisham Hospital
• Community Update open floor round-up

Refreshments will be available. For more details see here or contact Brigid Howarth, New Cross Assembly co-ordinator on 020 8314 8038 or email.

1 comment:

  1. Just heard one of the useless Evelyn councillors has resigned before he got kicked out. Just how bad do you have to be before you can get kicked out. God know what idiot they'll put in his place.

    Wish we could have a Deptford Ward as I do not live in New Cross or Evelyn/Pepys Estate. The whole system's wrong surprise, surprise.