Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Official Save Lewisham A&E single out now!

Lewisham rapper Question has recorded a tune with the Lewisham NHS Choir and record producer Charles Bailey as an inspirational track "to help fight the cause, raise awareness and support the movement".

Save Lewisham A&E is the official Save Lewisham A&E campaign single released yesterday and available on iTunes. Check the YouTube page for full credits of everyone involved.

Download the track. There are three versions to choose from – it's only 79p per track, or £2.37 for all three. Play it LOUD...!

Also see East London Lines story "Mayor threatens legal fight over Lewisham A&E". This story indicates that Hunt's announcement will be Thursday morning, not Friday. See previous post.

UPDATE: Thursday 31st January (midday)
Mr Hunt has recommended Kershaw's proposals. (See The Guardian's live blog). He inaccurately states journey times will only increase by a minute, and that no other proposals have been forthcoming. A&E will be downgraded and high risk maternity cases will have to travel further. Shadow health minister Burnham asked if Hunt is confident these measures are legal – will he publish his legal advice? "There has been a 'scandalous waste of money' on a solution that will not be acceptable to the people of Lewisham".

Read the latest statement from Save Lewisham Hospital in which it describes the news as a 'deadly decision'. "The recommendation to close Lewisham A&E is part of an ideological assault on the NHS. The administrator’s plans to make cuts and close local competitors is designed to make South London’s services more attractive to private healthcare. Although some NHS Trusts have expressed an interest in running South London’s services, so have many private companies.  The tendering process will be overseen by Jeremy Hunt, not the administrator.  It is likely to be focussed on cost and servicing the debt, rather than quality. So although headlines are focussed on local trusts, private health companies are at an advantage when they compete on cost, because they don’t bear the costs of A&E’s, intensive care, or training medical professionals."

There will be a rally outside Lewisham Hospital tonight at 6pm.


  1. That's amazing. Good work everyone!

  2. I see Question's other tracks include one called "Smoke Weed Everyday". What with all the burger vans up at Mountsfield Park at the rally, let's hope A&E stays open to cope with all the cardiac arrests!

  3. Just heard Hunt's statement. The fight goes on.