Thursday, January 10, 2013

Faircharm Creative Quarter – still time to object!

Since the consultation time for the above application was so short and fell over the Christmas and New Year period, Lewisham Planning has agreed that people can send in their objections over the next 14 24th January up until the beginning of March up until May.

Email your objection to: and include the application number DC/12/82000 and your name and address. Put the application number in the subject heading.

'cc' your objection to:,,,, 
(copy and paste into the cc box) 

Download Lewisham Planning's Guidelines for Objections if you're unsure.

Here's what your objection might look like:

Your name & address

To whom it may concern,

Re: DC/12/82000

I wish to object to the above application for the following reasons (expand or delete the following as you wish, and it doesn't have to be a list):

1. The buildings are too tall and dense. I don't like the colour of the tower (if you don't).
2. My home faces the development and I may lose 20% of my light (if applicable)
3. This is a Conservation Zone (see below)
4. There will be construction lorries making 180 trips per day using our very narrow road for three years.
5. There will be dust, noise and pollution, possibly rats from demolition, all causing me great inconvenience (etc)
6. There is not enough affordable housing in this proposal (only 15%)
7. There is not enough parking for the number of residential and business units proposed.
8. Access to the Creek, whilst welcomed, will be in shade most of the time.
9. Electric lighting from the residential units will destroy the habitat of the Creek.
10. The present variety of creative businesses will not be able to be rehoused on the new development with the proposed Change of Use to B1, yet it is these very businesses which have contributed to the developer's new name for the site.

If the development goes ahead and it is proposed to use the estate's roadways as pathways to public transport networks, the developer should pay for the maintenance of these pathways, resulting in a deduction in the charges made to the residents for their upkeep.

Yours sincerely,
(your name)

See also our previous posts for pix and more ammunition:

Also download the easy-to-read and relevatively short document Environment Statement (Non-Technical) from the list of much larger documents here.

Re the Conservation Zone:

Under the heading 'Conservation Areas' on Lewisham Council's website, the following is stated under the sub-heading Urban Design:

Our key principles encourage design proposals which:
    •    add interest and variety and which reflect their local context.
    •    complement their surrounds,  developing  and enhancing local character.
    •    contribute to the vitality of the public realm by avoiding blank frontages or being inward looking.
We promote sustainable development that improves the quality of the existing environment, attracts business and investment and reinforces civic pride and a sense of place.

It could be argued that this development does not contribute in any way to these criteria.


  1. of course, if you wish to get the pro-developer spin on things simply go over to Brockley Central...

    1. Yeah and they'd hate it if it happened in Brockley!

  2. What, a balanced point of view on the blogosphere? That will never do.

    Read the article. I actually agree with the point made on this blog that there should be more done to accommodate the resident businesses.

  3. Anon, there are surely many BC readers who may be concerned at the high rise development of the Deptford Creek riverside.

    Worry more that out of 364 flats, only 16 objections are registered from Crossfields residents, and then only 2 out of possible 40 from those living right opposite the development.