Sunday, September 23, 2012

View from Seager Distillery Tower

Yesterday, we got a privileged view of Crossfields Estate from the viewing gallery atop the second tallest building in Lewisham, the 27-storey Seager Distillery Tower, thanks to London Open House. Click pics to enlarge.

On the pic above if you locate St Paul's Church, you'll see behind it to its left, the vast Convoys Wharf site where it is proposed to surround the "m" shaped listed Olympia building (built in 1846) with towers taller than the Seager Distillery and buildings which will dwarf it (see the model below from Convoys public exhibition in July). Behind St Paul's to the right, the 16 storey tower and 10, 8 & 5 storey luxury residential blocks are shooting up at Paynes & Borthwick Wharf. Of the 257 flats being built here, only 44 will be "affordable" housing.*

Model of potential 'massing and density' at Convoys Wharf with Olympia building in the middle (July 2012). 
Another public exhibition was supposed to take place in September 2012.

A surfeit of sun (though welcome) on the other side of the viewing gallery prevented us from getting a decent pic of the towers at Loampit Vale ('Renaissance'), where 788 new homes are being built (of which 149 are "affordable")...

* See the Deptford Dame's new post on the Paynes & Borthwick Wharf development.

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