Thursday, September 20, 2012

Open House weekend

It's Open House time again – a chance to have a nosey round both new and old buildings and spaces all over London. There's a small exhibition at Deptford Lounge where you can pick up a free brochure which lists all the places to visit this weekend.

Otherwise check online for venues: in Deptford there are five places to visit – Lewisham Arthouse, Margaret McMillan Park, Seager Distillery Tower, Tidemill Academy & Deptford Lounge, and The Laban. One of these somewhat familiar spaces promises a view of Deptford not usually on offer.

There are ten places to look around in Greenwich, another five in Lewisham, nine in Southwark...and of course a lot more beyond local boundaries.

Meanwhile, if you don't get any further than the Deptford Lounge, the exhibit there foretells Lewisham's plans for the high street – hoist the anchor and brace the mainsail, me hearties.

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