Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Olympics 2012: the Podia Project

Lewisham Council commissioned five local organisations/businesses to choose artists to create temporary public art for the Olympics. Under the theme "everyone's a winner" they had to create a winner's podium to be installed in outdoor locations in Lewisham.

Crossfields resident Carlos Quinones has been working with Zoe Hamilton-Peters, on behalf of the Deptford Project, to make "Bound for Glory". Carlos and Zoe are usually to be found working in the Deptford Project Yard's arches in their respective creative spaces, Boro and Crafty Bitches. Their podium features a life-size version of the children's game 'misfits' or 'consequences', with four different types of sport represented (equestrian, Paralympic running, weight training and tennis) – so you can stand on the top step and rotate different parts of an athlete's body to get one of four, or a mix of, costumes.

The Podia Project will be launched on Thursday 12 April, as part of an event that also launches Lewisham's new Creative Industry Strategy 2012-2015. Check the Podia Project website to find out the other artists and organisations taking part.

Zoe would love people to take photos of themselves on the podium and upload them to Facebook, and she has set up a page  to encourage you to share them publicly. 

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  1. That really is a lovely idea! I'm guessing that is an Oscar Pistorius statue!