Sunday, April 22, 2012

Beware of the cold caller from EON

Jim in Farrer House has written to Crosswhatfields to alert residents to the following:

"A youngish man calling himself Paul and wearing a red jacket has gained entry to some of the flats in my block by falsely claiming to be a meter reader. Having pretended to read the meters he then tries to get the resident to sign up with his energy company, EON."

Jim was at the recycling bins last Thursday when he was spoken to by a young man in a red jacket who was holding a clipboard. "I had seen him knocking on doors so I politely asked him not to knock at my door. He became very loud and verbally aggressive to me almost immediately. I asked him to identify himself and his employers and he refused to do so. In fact he began to shout even louder." Jim attracted the attention of the caretaker, but the guy continued to be abusive until Jim went indoors. "I am a pensioner in poor health and this kind of unjustified and unacceptable harassment from cold callers is not good for me."

Since he came into contact with the EON rep on 19th April, Jim has emailed a complaint to Trading Standards at Lewisham Council. They have yet to reply.

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  1. Same tall white guy selling leky called at my house (Maple House, Idonia Street)
    Rather pushy and wanted to see my past gas and leky bills (to 'save me money').
    I told him I couldn't be arsed to dig them out, and he left rather abruptly.